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Get into a magnet equipped treasure hunting vessel and sail the coast in search of sweet metallic loot forgotten at the bottom of the sea in Metal Angler!

This demo finished in time for #1GAM February 2015 features 5 levels, lots of loot and some surprises. Pull up valuable junk from the sea, but watch out for weird fauna and sea currents, and do not let your loot be swallowed by the murky depths!

Game Controls(Super-Basic!)

Level Selection Map

Arrows: Move Around

Space: Select Level

Treasure Fishing

Arrows: Move (from side to side)

Space: Activate magnet (hold)


Design, Coding, Art: Bruno Guedes

Music: Lillian Edith

More information

Published 2 years ago
StatusOn hold
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Unity
Tagsboat, magnet, ocean, treasure

Install instructions

For Web Player, you'll need to install and authorize Unity Player.

Standalone releases should be ready to play straight from the Zip. Please do send me a warning if something odd is happening. :D


MetalAngler-0.6_Linux_x86_64.zip (29 MB)
MetalAngler-0.6_Linux_x86.zip (28 MB)
MetalAngler-0.6_MacOS.zip (35 MB)
MetalAngler-0.6_Win32.zip (25 MB)
MetalAngler-0.6_Win64.zip (26 MB)