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When the base is being attacked by chromatic monstrosities, only one unit can combat them: Treehopper!

How To Play

Control the Treehopper unit with the arrows/AWSD keys:

  • W/Up: accelerate
  • A,D/Left Right: turn
  • S/Down: break

Kill enemies by ramming onto them. Collect their color components on the tanks visible on the bottom of the screen. When a tank fills up, you can change your coating to activate special skills

  • Red: Extra strength; kill any foe in one hit
  • Green: Extra speed; increase speed and manueverability
  • Blue: Splash damage; attacks hit nearby foes at once
  • Cyan: Ninja Power; rapidly attack nearby enemies in succession
  • Magenta: Tank Power; shoot an exploding projectile
  • Yellow: Ram Power; ram against enemies with increased speed and power
  • White: The Great Supernova; destroys everything on stage

Coming Not So Soon

  • Smarter UI
  • Online Leaderboards
  • Achievements
  • And More!


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TreeHopper-0.8_win64.zip 23 MB
TreeHopper-0.8_win32.zip 21 MB
TreeHopper-0.8_macos.zip 31 MB
TreeHopper-0.8_linux64.zip 25 MB
TreeHopper-0.8_linux.zip 25 MB