A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You have an egg, you hatch it... and now you have a pet! Take good care of it, and it may grow and change! Otherwise... get a new egg! Maybe it'll be different! Maybe not! It's a mystery!

  • Simple and carefree play!
  • Over 5 different eggs and 12 different monsters to find!
  • See how well you can care for mysterious creatures!
  • Left mouse button: Hatch egg; pet creature
  • Right mouse button: Feed creature

Install instructions

ZIP files contain executable files that can be ran out of the box.

To run the LOVE package, download LÖVE2D(http://love2d.org) and run it in your OS.


Mystery Egg Pet 0.8 - Windows Executable 3 MB
Mystery Egg Pet 0.8 - Mac OS App 11 MB
Mystery Egg Pet 0.8 - Linux Executable (Debian Jessie) 48 kB
Mystery Egg Pet 0.8 - LOVE Package 26 kB


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I am only getting the choobs cub in this